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Going Cold Turkey Studio Set

Charlotte Church DVD in St. Davids Hall

Celebrity Poker Set

The Original Late Night Poker

Kill It, Cook It, Eat It 2 Demo Area

Under 21 Rugby World Cup Table with Pop up Monitor

Cor Cymru Stage Set

ITV Poker Faces

888 Poker Nations

William Hill Grand Prix Poker

BBC Songs of Praise School Choir Competition 2008

Gala Tv Bingo Interactive wall

Can I Gymru Llandudno 2009

Shan Cothi

WRU Press Set

Bwrw'r Bar

Tipit Arena (2006)

Rugbi A Mwy

Grandpa in my Pocket Lighthouse

Stars for Haven Holidays Promotion

Gorsaf Hud

International Eisteddfod Main Stage Flattage

3 metre Tall Stars for Haven Promotion

Songs of Praise 50th Celebration

Rugby Chat Table

Ar Gamera Floor seen from above

Urdd Eisteddfod Stage

Urdd Eisteddfod Links Area

Only Men Aloud Stage

EastEnders Flats During Construction

Ysbyty Hospital set. Boom Pics

Grampa in my Pocket, Windmill interior. Adastra Pr

Quizeum Pilot Rostra. Modern TV

Carved Polystyrene wall. Boom Pics

BBC CrimeWatch rostra.

Ultimate Brain. Zig Zag Productions.

Dona Direidi. Boom Kids

Sioe Cyw. House closed. Boom Kids

Sioe Cyw. House opened. Boom Kids

Stwnch Sadwrn revamp. Boom Kids

Llandudno Carols. Rondo Media

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